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Election Day — Why Now?
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Election Day

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The Pensacola News Journal blows their headline, but the information is interesting: 2.9 Floridians voted early or by mail

[Secretary of State Dawn] Roberts noted that more than 1 million Floridians voted early this year (another 1.9 million voted by mail), but she declined to predict turnout, or whether it would top the 66 percent mark reached in 1994, the record for a non-presidential year.

You have to understand that Florida elects its top state offices on mid-term years, so a large turnout isn’t unreasonable or unexpected especially when a Senate seat is also up for election.

The polls are open until 7:00PM CDT [8PM EDT] in the Panhandle, so the results won’t be out for while, and there is still time to vote if you haven’t. Even if you hate everyone running, there are constitutional initiatives that need to be supported or stopped, since you can’t depend on the legislature to actually work for the citizens.

My Mother had no problems voting today, although she hated using the ramp. Even though two precincts vote at the town hall, there were far more workers than voters at 1PM and they did open the doors.