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2010 November 10 — Why Now?
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Cat Food Commission …

Coughs up a hair ball.

The New York Times releases suggestions from a press conference of the co-chairs.

Speaker Pelosi responds: On the Proposal Released by Co-Chairs of the Fiscal Commission. [You have to imagine associated hand gestures on your own.]

The Newsbiscuit responds with the British view of our system: US Republicans disband after voters still don’t get the joke.

You have to admit that their timing is impeccable – there’s nothing like suggesting increases in co-pays for the military and veterans on the eve of Veterans Day.

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Do You Believe It Now?

This is for all of the people who have complained that liberals-progressives are too negative about Obama.

Via Sean Paul, Stephanie Vallejo of the Boston Globe noted from the CBS 60 Minutes interview that President Obama compares his health care plan to Romney’s

“We thought that if we shaped a bill that wasn’t that different from bills that had previously been introduced by Republicans, including a Republican Governor in Massachusetts who’s now running for President, that we would be able to find some common ground there,” said Obama. “And we just couldn’t.”

OK, now that Obama has told you that he introduced the Dole-Romney health care bill that was edited by a Wellpoint vice president, rather than a Democratic plan, do you see why people are angry. Again, you don’t work for Democratic candidates and provide them with majorities in both houses of Congress and the White House so they can pass Republican plans.

This wasn’t a compromise, this was a surrender, and the Republicans wouldn’t even accept the surrender.

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Happy Birthday

United States Marine Corps

Marine Corps


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