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2010 November 23 — Why Now?
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While I Was Plumbing

After the latest artillery exchange the President says that North Korea is ‘a serious threat’ and South Korean leader threatens ‘retaliation’.

North Korea has been a threat since the Truman administration. My Father and I both were awarded service medals for dealing with those mentals. They are going to be staging a number of provocations to prove the mettle of the newly designated heir-apparent Kim Jong-un who will be taking over from his father, Kim Jong-il. The boy has to show the military leaders that he’s tough and worthy of respect. The reality is that only China has the possibility of putting a lid on this insanity.

It is being reported that a Pakistani shopkeeper conned Afghan and Western officials into believing that he was a top member of the Taliban, and he received some major “gifts” to help government-Taliban negotiations. If I had ever been in Pakistan, I might remember that most of their shopkeepers were fairly astute negotiators, so it would be a logical move on the part of the Taliban, or a gutsy rip-off on the part of the shopkeeper. All officials are denying this happened for the record, but many have already admitted it off the record.

In the US I see that Government Leaders Can Skip Security, TSA Says. That should make everyone feel safer knowing that only the “little people” have to put up with these indignities. Of course, there are a number of Repub Congresscritters who don’t seem to remember that they are carrying a weapon when they show up at the airport. They say they need a weapon because DC is so dangerous, not realizing that the “little people” don’t get to carry weapons to protect themselves, and they don’t have the multiple layers of armed officers that the Congresscritters have available 24/7. “All men are created equal” but some are more equal than others.

November 23, 2010   4 Comments