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2010 November 08 — Why Now?
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So NPR has a project it is calling Memos To The President, and today in the car I heard Kathryn Jean Lopez, Editor-at-large, National Review Online, read hers.

Of all the gall, the unadorned brass – she talks about having a moral position about abortion‽

What about the immoral war of choice that she and her employers pushed, including the lies used to support it? What about the torture that they justified as necessary? She doesn’t think tax money should pay for abortion, well I don’t think that tax money should be spent on murder and torture, even if she believes they are necessary.

If she was so concerned about this issue, why didn’t she push it when Republicans controlled the White House and Congress? Why is this suddenly and issue when Democrats win elections?

Of course, the answer is simple – she has no concern for morality, she only cares about keeping her job and doing what her bosses want. Deficits, fraud, waste… none of those things are problems when Republicans are in charge, only when Democrats take control.

I brook no claim of morals from the whited sepulchre that is NRO.

November 8, 2010   6 Comments

Happy Seventh Blogiversary

Both Mustang Bobby and Echidne are celebrating their seventh blogiversaries today.

They are among the paleo-bloggers.

November 8, 2010   14 Comments