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2010 November 17 — Why Now?
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Things They Don’t Tell You

When you fly across the country in an airliner you receive a radiation dose equal to a chest x-ray. You are above the denser atmosphere that normally shields you from the radiation coming in from space.

Pilots, especially those with military experience, know this, which is one of the reasons they don’t want to go through the full-body scanners. No one will tell them how much or what kind of radiation the scanners use, so they have no way of knowing how much additional radiation they are receiving.

The machines used to scan the carry on baggage at the check point probably leak like a sieve, like the early microwave ovens that would knock out pacemakers. Who knows if anyone has has ever scanned them for leaks. I would assume that the only time there is any maintenance on them is when they fail.

You can’t make an informed decision if no one will provide you with facts.

November 17, 2010   18 Comments

Once Again

Where Did Our Debt Come From?

James Fallows of the Atlantic asks Where Did Our Debt Come From?. To find out he asks Franklin C. “Chuck” Spinney, long-time Pentagon budget analyst and deficit hawk, who makes it obvious with the table – Reagan and the two Bushes.

November 17, 2010   14 Comments