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2010 November 25 — Why Now?
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Why You Should Submit To Airport Indignities

Because it is only those foreign terrorists who are trying to blow us up … or not – Police: Second explosive found in record cache in San Diego County

(CNN) — Authorities have found a second homemade explosive and more of a type of explosive previously discovered in a house in an unincorporated area near Escondido, California, officials said Thursday.

The house occupied by George Djura Jakubec, a computer software consultant who is now under arrest, has been described by authorities as a bomb-making factory. They say it holds the largest cache of the two homemade explosives ever discovered in one spot in the United States.

San Diego County authorities confirmed Thursday they have found pentaerythritol tetranitrate, or PETN, a favorite of al Qaeda bomb-makers that is now the target of new U.S. airport body scans and pat downs.

They also found more hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, or HMTD, in a bottle inside the house, but the two types of homemade explosives were not immediately removed because they are too volatile and the house is too cluttered to negotiate safely, Assistant Sheriff Ed Prendergast said.

Authorities had already recovered 8 or 9 pounds of HMTD, an explosive powder that suicide bombers use, authorities said.

If you are messing around with home-made HMTD you are a suicide bomber whether or not you actually intended to be. The police found the house after a landscaper made contact with what was probably spilled HMTD in the yard and it blew up.

I would surround the house with blast barriers and call in an air strike, because there is no way to clean that house out safely. If they have enough evidence for a conviction, I wouldn’t risk lives to gather more.

I’m sure the people who sold him the chemicals were shocked to find out he really didn’t … uh, umm … oh, yes, use them to clean swimming pools.

North San Diego county is an interesting place.

November 25, 2010   2 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving

TurkeyMy view of Thanksgiving was skewed by my Father’s attitude. Having grown up on a poultry farm, he saw the holiday as the culmination of weeks of work “processing” dozens of turkeys to be frozen and readying a few dozen more for fresh delivery. We generally ate ham when he was alive.

Having been on my Grandfather’s farm at this time of year I can understand my Dad’s attitude: our meal was subject to interruption by people picking up a fresh turkey at the last minute. A sale is a sale when you are business for yourself.

Thanks to Fox the WKRP turkey giveaway isn’t available on YouTube. Watching it was long a tradition at our house.

Enjoy your meal and try to forget about the world’s problems for a day – they’ll still be there on Friday.

[Please note that I heartily approve of people eating domesticated turkeys. They deserve to die. If you were ever unfortunate enough to deal with them, you would understand why I don’t like them. Wild turkeys are not the same, as they actually are capable of an independent existence. Wild Turkey is definitely not the same, and is an acquired taste.]

November 25, 2010   16 Comments