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2010 November 15 — Why Now?
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Earth To The Village

It is amazing how difficult it is to get through to the people who go to Washington. They insulate themselves from the world as soon as they enter the Twilight Zone of the “Very Serious People”. Actually this is a function of their staffs who are on loan from lobbyists.

Following the lead from the VSPs, the media only covers or discusses the list of approved topics, like the deficit and taxes. Where is the discussion of the lack of jobs in this country?

Duncan Black noted it in his post, Out Of Touch, but he has been hammering the point about jobs for months.

CBS conducted a poll on Veterans Day, and it shows the same thing that Duncan and other members of the reality-based community have been saying all along.

The most important issues for Americans are the economy and/or jobs 56% and health care 14%. Only 4% think the deficit is important, and 2% are concerned with taxes. With a margin of error of plus or minus 3%, the main topics in DC aren’t important enough to be any list until something is done about jobs.

Why did we have the money to create a commission on the deficit, which only concerns 4% of the country, and there is no one doing any serious work on jobs?

November 15, 2010   8 Comments