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2010 November 27 — Why Now?
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It’s Just A Coincidence

Attaturk thinks it is a White Guy vs. Brown Guy perception, but the fact that the ‘Brown Guy’ [US teenager held in Oregon over Christmas ‘bomb plot’] is a Muslim, while the ‘White Guy’ is probably Serbian Orthodox [no one bothered to find out] is probably more important.

Just because this teenager didn’t have any other criminal record that was mentioned, while the ‘White Guy’ is a suspect in some bank robberies, doesn’t change the fact that the ‘Brown Guy’ is showing up everywhere, while the ‘White Guy’s bomb factory’ is treated as a local story.

Motive, Means, and Opportunity are the basic elements of a criminal prosecution. The ‘White Guy’ had all three, but the ‘Brown Guy’ needed the FBI to supply the Means. The lack of Means is a huge opening for a skilled defense attorney.

In related news, it’s the anniversary of Urban II’s call for the First Crusade in 1095. Some things never really disappear, they just go dormant. They are like societal herpes.

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