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2010 November 20 — Why Now?
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Logic Fails Him

The BBC On This Day widget notes that on this day in 1939 German police were ordered to begin arresting the Roma and shipping them to concentration camps. The Nazis didn’t limit their persecution to a single minority group, but filled the camps with just about every group that didn’t fit their concept of “racial purity”.

At no time was it noted that Dr. Goebbels dismissed a member of the propaganda ministry for making disparaging remarks about an ethnic minority – that was the specific function of entire departments at the ministry.

That’s what makes Fox News chairman Roger Ailes’s denunciation of NPR executives as Nazis over the termination of Juan Williams so weird. Williams’s comments and the Fox News reaction of hiring him immediately is more in line with the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda than what NPR did.

The article notes that Mr. Ailes has apologized to the Anti-Defamation League for his use of the word “Nazi”, but no one at Fox has ever apologized to Muslims for the stereotyping and slurs at the core of this incident. Mr. Ailes also used his apology to cast new slurs at NPR.

November 20, 2010   6 Comments