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2010 November 21 — Why Now?
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Ockham Slashes Again

Having already expressed some doubts about Obama in Debunking the Reagan Myth on 21 January, 2008, Krugman decides that Obama has consumed the kool-aid in FDR, Reagan, and Obama.

His policy choices are not a matter of attempting to find a “bi-partisan solution”, Barack Obama is a true believer in the myth of Ronald Reagan.

November 21, 2010   2 Comments

What A Piece Of Work

Hyper-Patriotic Order of ChickenHawks


A yellow ribbon with brown edges indicating that they listen to bad pop songs, and what would happen if they had to serve. The bronzed base metal medallion has a bas-relief of a mouthy cartoon character with delusions of grandeur. The members are awarded the white feather device for each armed conflict they advocated for while avoiding service.

It is time to haul it out after five years as we have discovered a candidate for the Commandant of the Order: Bryan Fischer.

Badtux nominated him when Mr. Fischer became upset that they award the Congressional Medal of Honor for something other than killing a lot of people. Had Mr. Fischer ever served in the military he would know that killing people is the job of a number of military specialties, and you don’t get medals for doing your job.

Adrastos at First Draft was so ticked off by Mr. Fischer’s attitude that he made him Malaka Of The Week.

Now Digby notes that Mr. Fischer is pushing the concept that Christians are supposed to be killing Muslims because John the Baptist said so – if you read the Bible in the right light, at the proper time of day, and take certain pharmaceuticals, or something. Apparently Mr. Fischer’s Bible doesn’t contain the Gospel of Matthew, and makes no reference to the Sermon on the Mount or the Beatitudes because that is pacifist propaganda which should be ignored.

If anyone cares, the “just war” is a concept from Augustine, not the Bible.

November 21, 2010   7 Comments


Sixth BlogiversityLike it says on the sidebar, I started putting my opinion out there for people to criticize six years ago, after annoying other people on their blogs.

I missed the cut as a paleo-blogger because I didn’t start until after the disaster of the 2004 election. My anger over the stupidity of the US electorate in re-electing the Shrubbery needed a release and this was it.

Things were a lot more collegial back then, as there were almost no “professional” bloggers, and a blog roll was manageable, but you can’t live in the past or people will assume you’re senile [if you have gray hair].

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who stop by, as it helps me maintain the belief that I’m not talking to myself.

November 21, 2010   21 Comments