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2010 November 14 — Why Now?
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News Flash!!!

Government employees pay taxes!

This is apparently unknown to the general public, that working for the government doesn’t exclude you from the tax rolls.

When people would tell me “I pay your salary”, my response was, “We have that in common, SIR, because my taxes pay my salary too.” I would then continue to process them in the manner prescribed by law, because I like my employees to do their job. 😈

Here’s another News Flash: Elected officials make the decisions on what public money is spent on, not public employees. If you don’t like the choices, blame the voters who elected those officials.

I realize that elected officials avoid taking responsibility for their actions, and will blame everything that goes wrong on “bureaucrats”, but get a grip – all government expenditures are approved initially by the elected officials. If they don’t approve the budget, there is no money to spend.

Take some responsibility people – you elected these clowns, so it’s your fault.

November 14, 2010   8 Comments