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An Opportunity — Why Now?
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An Opportunity

Basically, the Keith Olbermann thing will rest on whether his contract is with NBC News or MSNBC, and if MSNBC, a separate and distinct company, is there a similar policy. So far the only policy stated has been the NBC News policy.

Obviously the solution is to set up one of those totally bogus non-profits that the Chamber of Commerce and other Republican groups use to hide donors, and have the wealthy news people donate through it. It should be non-partisan and accept money from any overpaid media personality so they can hide their political affiliations in accordance with the whims of their corporate masters.

All it needs is a catchy name. so Political Money Laundering R Us, is probably out, although it works as a mission statement. Of course the application for incorporation and IRS non-profit status will say something about working for “good government” just to make the bureaucrats happy.


1 Ame { 11.06.10 at 9:53 pm }

Most excellent idea!

2 Bryan { 11.06.10 at 10:11 pm }

I figure you can run it like one of those “insults for money” sites. People send the money in with the name of the people they like, and you use the money to create an appropriate ad and do a media buy in the area.

Someone like Susie Madrak could easily generate the copy, and there is a lot of unemployed talent on blogs, so finding creative resources shouldn’t be difficult.

There is no upper limit on what people can spend, and based on the political ads from this election, not much in the way of fact checking is required. Any truth at all in the ad will get it passed the “gatekeepers”.

3 Ame { 11.06.10 at 10:28 pm }


Or sling a sprocket in their widget and form their own Chamber group.

4 Bryan { 11.06.10 at 10:56 pm }

American politics has descended into theater of the absurd, so we might has well make some money off of it and the popcorn concession.

5 Kryten42 { 11.08.10 at 7:21 am }

Well… Looks like he’ll be back. (Big surprise!) 😆

Personally, if I were Olbermann, I’d tell MSNBC to shove it! They are only putting him back because a) They can’t legally sack him, b) they got a petition (in less than a week) with 280,000+ signatories telling them to reinstate Olbermann, and money always talks! Yeah… tell them to shove it and go somewhere else Olbermann! He has the power, not them.

Olbermann Will Return On Tuesday Night

6 Bryan { 11.08.10 at 12:07 pm }

It is possible that the legal department finally got a meeting with the guy at MSNBC who made the decision, and was followed by marketing who explained about the demographics of Olbermann’s show and what they meant to advertising revenues.

I also assume that CNN made him an offer, so this may not be over yet.