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Be Careful What You Wish For …

Because you probably don’t really know what it means if you watch the M$M.

Erika Bolstad of McClatchy Newspapers has a nice piece about this: Alaska faces tough road if Congress really cuts earmarks

WASHINGTON — Long the reigning champion of earmarks and never a state to turn down federal money, Alaska may have to change its ways as Congress reconsiders a practice that’s come to symbolize runaway government spending.

House Republicans last week voted on an earmark ban that will take effect when they assume control of the chamber in January. Their Senate Republican counterparts also approved a moratorium — notably without the support of Alaska’s senior senator, Lisa Murkowski.

The Welfare States are in for a bit of shock when they find out that the Feds are not going to be picking up the tab for their stupidity, thanks to the “deficit hawks” and Tea Party minions.

Julia O’Malley’s opinion piece in The Anchorage Daily News gave them fair warning in January.