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Plumbing In Paris — Why Now?
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Plumbing In Paris

This highlights the need for a Swiss Army knife in every room: Woman stuck in bathroom for three weeks

French firefighters have freed a 69-year-old woman who spent three weeks trapped in her bathroom.

Police said the woman, who is recuperating in hospital, survived by drinking warm water from the bathroom tap and at night tried to call for help by tapping on piping.

But neighbours in the apartment block said they thought someone was doing home repair work and launched a petition to find out who it was and to have it stopped.

Apparently the lock on the bathroom door jammed trapping her inside without the ability to dismantle it.

For future reference: ‘S’ is three short and ‘O’ is three long. It is important to tap on the pipes in a consistent pattern as most humans will eventually realize that it is a message and not random noise.

The next housing association meeting should be ‘interesting’. You have to wonder why it required a petition to find out who was doing the tapping. There may be a rule against knocking on your neighbor’s door 😈