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2012 June 07 — Why Now?
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A Sad Day

One of my neighbors, a wonderfully kind person, died unexpectedly today of a cerebral hemorrhage. She was a Christian is the best sense of the term – nice to everyone, kind to animals, got along with everyone it is possible to get along with in the neighborhood. She was truly committed to forgiving and forgetting offenses directed towards her. She didn’t talk about it, she lived it. I would get extremely angry about people abusing her trust, but she just moved on.

She was more than a decade younger than me, and that has an effect when you get older.

Most people will ignore her passing because she wasn’t rich or famous, but they are missing out. She was better than rich or famous – she was a very good human being and there aren’t nearly enough of them on the planet.

June 7, 2012   9 Comments