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2012 June 16 — Why Now?
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Chronicles Of The Clueless

Charlie Pierce had a lot to work with today and produced two pieces that demonstrate the pitiful level to which ‘our leaders’ had fallen.

He started with Vagina Is a Word You Can’t Say in Michigan, Apparently, about the panic attack the Republican leaders of the Michigan legislature had after a female legislator used the word ‘vagina’ in response to the new bills on women’s health issues.

The reaction is either from raw ignorance, i.e. they don’t know that vagina is the proper term for the body part, or they have a genuine fear of women. Fear is often covered by acts of hatred. I guess they would prefer to have the vagina called ‘the part that must not be named’. It’s really pathetic. Come on, we may not have a clear memory of it, but we all saw a vagina at least once, so it is not exactly an unknown.

Charlie finished off with a report on the Clan of the Red Beanie Let He Who Is Without Spin. The bishops think that the Church’s problems are a public relations problem.

Sorry, but when you attack Girl Scouts and nuns after having dozens of priests exposed as child molesters who were protected by the Church, what kind of public relations can they imagine they would have. As for being persecuted at a level equivalent with Thomas More, the claim is ludicrous. Nothing that the government is currently doing even approaches the level of the 19th century Blaine Amendments that targeted the Church. With six Catholics on the US Supreme Court, these claims of victimhood ring hollow.

After reading that, this piece from the Newsbiscuit will cleanse your palate: Ayatollah Khamenei clinches US Republican presidential nomination.

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