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2012 June 08 — Why Now?
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Just The Facts

Dr Masters confirms what I suspected: Spring 2012: Most extreme season in US history.

Look at the data for the lower 48. Only Oregon and Washington had normal Spring temperatures, every other state was above normal, the majority in the East well above normal. This is all time record stuff, but people still claim nothing is happening.

The North Carolina legislature is attempting to limit the rise in sea level with a law, so developers can sell ocean-front property without worrying about being charged with fraud when it sinks below the waves.

June 8, 2012   6 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

Pop Goes The Weasel

Friday Cat Blogging


[Editor: As one of the tabbie kittens relaxes on the cement, the sibling prepares to attack. (I was hampered by lighting, so the depth of field didn’t allow both kittens to be in focus. Slowing the shutter speed is not an option with kittens.)]

Friday Ark

June 8, 2012   3 Comments