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2012 June 10 — Why Now?
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The Western Wildfires

While on the Gulf Coast we had an official site reporting over 21 inches of rain in West Pensacola yesterday, they have been getting dry lightning in New Mexico and Colorado which is setting off fires in the bone dry timber and brush.

CBS has an overview of two of the biggest new fires – the Little Bear Fire in central New Mexico and the High Park Fire in northern Colorado.

From the Federal Incident site:

Little Bear Fire

Start Time/Date Monday, June 4, 2012
Location: Smokey Bear Ranger District, Lincoln NF, including White Mountain Wilderness
Cause: Lightning
Fuels: Mixed conifer, ponderosa pine
Size: approx. 26,000 acres (change due to more accurate mapping, not fire growth)
Containment: 0 %

Resources Committed: Personnel 144, crews: 2 Type 1, 1 Type 2; 20 engines; helicopters: 6 Type 1, 2 Type 2, 2 Type 3; 2 dozers

Today’s Weather: 82 degrees, relative humidity 6%, winds west 20 mph

Structures/threats: 36 (an accurate damage assessment has not been made yet)
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