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2012 June 09 — Why Now?
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Rain, Rain Go Away

Angela Fritz writing at Dr Masters’s blog: Torrential rain causes widespread flooding in Florida panhandle

Torrential rainfall led to widespread flooding along the northern Gulf Coast on Saturday, and Pensacola came about 2 inches shy of matching its all-time rainfall record for a calendar day: 15.29 inches. On Saturday, Pensacola airport received 13.13 inches of rain. The previous record was set on October 5, 1934, as Tropical Storm 9 of that year was making landfall. The record for any 24 hour period is 17.1 inches, spanning October 4-5 in 1934, according to Wunderground weather historian Christopher C. Burt.

We have a stalled front right along the coast that is pumping the Gulf on top of us. This isn’t a problem for me because there is still a lot of natural sand in my area which will let the water drain. but people with those ‘wonderful manicured lawns’ are flooding. The major roads are a mess here, and we didn’t get anywhere near that much rain.

They have some pictures of the flooding in Pensacola at the blog and at the Pensacola News Journal.

Everyone think dry thoughts for Hipparchia and her kitties because she lives over there.

June 9, 2012   3 Comments