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The Aftermath

Hie thee to Musing’s musings for Tom Tole’s cartoon and then continue with Michael’s view of Keith Olbermann’s righteous refutation of Rumsfeld’s American Legion speech from the point of view of a historian.

When you are done there, drop by YouTube to watch Mr. Olbermann and John Dean on Countdown discussing Rumsfeld’s speech and the attempts to spin by spokesweasels.

If you haven’t heard the spin, the claim is that Rummy didn’t really say that those who disagree with the Shrubbery are “appeasers”.

September 1, 2006   8 Comments

Permanent Adolescence

James Wolcott’s post, Parting Shots, points to the UN report that the vast majority of the cluster munitions that Israel used against Lebanon were fired or dropped during the last three days of combat, when everyone knew a cease fire would soon be in place.

He points to Tony Judt’s article in Ha’aretz, The country that wouldn’t grow up. It is a long essay, but worth the time because of the place Israel occupies in American foreign policy.

September 1, 2006   Comments Off on Permanent Adolescence

Friday Cat Blogging

Feral Kittens

Friday Cat Blogging

Oh no! It’s the axe murderer!

[Editor: I found this group in my Mother’s side yard. They belong to the Lone Ranger and still have blue eyes but are playing, so they are about a month old. She brought them out to begin the weaning process.

Friday Ark

September 1, 2006   7 Comments