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Engage Brain Before Starting Mouth

A short lesson in international law for Charles Rangel and Nancy Pelosi: the United Nations complex is not, by international law, located in the United States, it is sovereign in its own right. That’s why people like Fidel Castro, who cannot legally enter the United States get to make speeches at the United Nations.

Further, when veteran observers, like Professor Juan Cole, and, according to my Mother, the less experienced daytime chat people on The View conclude that “Bush started it,” you might want to avoid making silly defenses.

I believe both Pelosi and Rangel were in government in 2002 when Hugo Chavez’s plans to address the United Nations were interrupted by a coup attempt, an event that Chavez blames on the Shrubbery.

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September 22, 2006   4 Comments

Autumnal Equinox

You can watch the arrival of the equinox at Archæoastronomy. It takes place at 11:03PM CDT tonight.

It’s time to man the rakes in northern climes.

September 22, 2006   7 Comments

L’shanah Tovah

Happy 5767!

At sunset Rosh Hashanah begins, so get your honey, challah, and apples ready.

September 22, 2006   Comments Off on L’shanah Tovah

Friday Cat Blogging

Man At Work

Friday Cat Blogging

I needed a break, but am back in charge.

[Editor: I wasn’t kidding: Sox occupies that spot almost continuously when I’m on the computer.]

Friday Ark

September 22, 2006   7 Comments