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Lisa English is back with a new Ruminate This and is properly annoyed.

Mad Kane has a new address, but has preserved her old version for posterity.

The good Roger Ailes, Elayne, and Melanie of Just a Bump in the Beltway are all in various stages of recovery from illness.

Maru has added Divageek and Lilith to WTF is it now?

Scaramouche has lost an old friend named Roxiblu.

TBogg had a water heater act like a Corps of Engineer’s levee on the bottom floors of his house.

The monitor on “my absolutely necessary, have to use it today to get a project out this afternoon” computer decided it didn’t want to continue to shine on the world this morning.

And the Congress of the United States has decided to return citizen rights to the level available before William of Normandy crossed the English Channel.

September 28, 2006   2 Comments

When You’re Right

Feminists have been saying it for years: Too much testosterone kills brain cells.

September 28, 2006   3 Comments