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The Problem With Plans

Via Lurch’s post, Why We Lost, at Main and Central, through James Wolcott’s piece, Irrationalizations, you arrive at John Robb’s original analysis, Rationalizations And Warfare at Global Guerrillas.

John speculates on all the excuses that people are going to invent when we finally have to admit that the Iraq War is a lost cause and we need to get out.

It isn’t enough to say it was the wrong war at the wrong time with the wrong opponent, and we went in based on a string of lies required to pay homage to an ideological fantasy called neoconservatism. The military and pundits are going to want to “learn lessons” from the disaster that will support book deals and speaking engagements.

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Blogger Problems

I hate to break to the guys at Blogger Status, but Internal Server Error 500 when I attempt to load Echidne of the Snakes would tend to indicate that your problems are not resolved yet.

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Money To Burn?

One would think that a corporation like Disney would be ready for a little quiet time after all of the turmoil of the end of the Eisner era, and would be looking to reassure investors rather than spending 30 to 40 million dollars on a project for their ABC television unit with no opportunity of a profit.

A good, solid piece of historical film making wouldn’t have been a smash hit, but it would have been in keeping with the corporation’s philosophy of long term profits, like those received from its classic animated films, the primary reason they keep fighting to extend copyright protections.

With so many of the principle players still available, now would be an excellent time to record their memories of the events and create a film based on first person experiences.

If they run their five-hour Republican campaign commercial people need to be aware that Disney includes everything labeled Disney, ABC, ESPN, Miramax, Buena Vista, Touchstone, Fox Kids, Baby Einstein, Hyperion Books, SOAPnet, Lyric Street Records, Hollywood Records, and it has an interest in the Lifetime, A&E, and E! cable channels.

Stockholders might want to ask management why this is being done.

September 8, 2006   2 Comments


Elayne of Pen-Elayne celebrated her Fourth Blogiversary™ [Talk Left] by forgetting it until 10:28PM EDT last night. Go and congratulate the godmother of Silly Site of the Day™.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Feral Kittens Again

Friday Cat Blogging

Okay, so we can be bribed. But you’re still the axe murderer!

[Editor: Beginning the weaning process.]

Friday Ark

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