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Maru of WTF is it now? noted that our idiot Secretary of Defense is in talks with MONTENEGRO about sending troops to Iraq and Afghanistan!?

At this point I could take a cheap shot and say: I met the army of Montenegro once – he was working as a bartender in Germany.

The newly independent Republika Crna Gora has the total population of the city of Baltimore. It does have a military, 6,500 people that is a remnant of the break up with Serbia, but the government wants to reduce that number to a 2,500 man all-volunteer force, and end conscription.

Who’s next on his list: Liechtenstein, San Marino, Andorra, Monaco?

Maybe he should try the Duchy of Grand Fenwick or the Kingdom of Lancre? There was a lot of bother the last time the army of Grand Fenwick left home, and I’m not sure that Nanny Ogg would approve of Shawn going to foreign parts, but Rummy is apparently desperate enough to ask.

I guess he had to scratch the Swiss Guard off his list after the Pope’s speech. They certainly would have added some color to Afghanistan.

This is like the invasion of Grenada with all of the police forces from Caribbean nations taking part to lend the operation an international flavor.

September 26, 2006   Comments Off on What!?