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GOP Anarchy


Anarcho-capitalism (also known by several other names, e.g. private property anarchism) is an individualist political philosophy that advocates stateless capitalism and the provision of all goods and services—including systems of jurisdiction, law enforcement, and territorial defence—by the free market. Anarcho-capitalists argue that a pure free market system, based on justly-acquired private property, would maximise individual liberty and prosperity. For them, the only just way to acquire property is through trade, gift, or original appropriation. Anarcho-capitalism rejects the state as an aggressive entity that steals property through taxation, initiates physical force, uses its coercive powers to benefit some businesses and individuals at the expense of others, creates monopolies, and restricts trade.

Notice any familiar themes or practices? Privilege is derived from the Latin meaning “private law.”

September 13, 2006   4 Comments

Weather Update:

The season has been a good one so far for the Gulf Coast vis-à-vis hurricanes, but wetter than normal which points to the “Baby Boy.” Yes, El Niño is back to mess with the weather for the next year. Normal weather is now defined as normal during an El Niño, wet for me, mild winter in the Northeast, and drought in the center of the country.

It also means high than normal wind shear over the Atlantic, so a reduced threat of hurricanes.

Florence had a glancing hit on Bermuda and Gordon is staying in the central Atlantic. Tropical Depression 8, that will become Helene might bother the Atlantic coast, but there isn’t much action in the Gulf. We need the break, and will put up the mold, mildew, and mushrooms.

September 13, 2006   2 Comments