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Ping Pong Post

I threw up a last minute post on testosterone poisoning which reminded Karen at Peripetia of an earlier post on the Shrubbery’s use of testosterone in his exercise regime which resulted in her new post: Brain Death Silence.

The process is similar to Alzheimer’s and produces mood swings. No doubt the apologists will use this to excuse his abuses. We have a complete copy of King George, including the madness.

September 29, 2006   4 Comments

Kiss My Grits

The Pensacola Beach Blog wants to give Bill Nelson the benefit of doubt. That’s his opinion and I understand his reasoning.

I’m not going to do anything to help Katherine Harris, and certainly wouldn’t vote for her even to stop waterboarding, but I can’t vote for Nelson. I have already said I wouldn’t vote for him because of the Bankruptcy Law and his votes on judicial nominees, so his support of torture and a pardon for the Shrubbery’s criminal activities, is just further confirmation of my opinion that Bill Nelson doesn’t deserve to be receiving a tax funded pay check.

September 29, 2006   2 Comments

Creep Resigns

You could read the Mark Foley Wikipedia entry or the CNN story, but Google’s sponsered link, Block Sexual Predators at www.mysafekeeper.com, provides the gist.

He was in the Republican leadership, came to Congress as part of Newt’s gang in 1994, was involved with the 2000 election in Florida, and is the lowest form of slime. While you are innocent until proven guilty, his IMs to a teenager are a conviction looking for a trial.

I would advise the former Congressman to look for a Federal deal, because he does not want to end up in a Florida state prison.

Under Florida law his name stays on the ballot, but the party can designate another candidate. You have to put your mark on his name, but the votes go to the designated Republican.

I think the Republicans just lost a “safe” seat.

Update: If things keep going like this, the Democrats might have a majority before the election. This is the fourth Republican to fall in the House.

Update 2: TBogg noticed before me.

September 29, 2006   2 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

The Cat Who …

Friday Cat Blogging

Koko would kick Mrs. Murphy’s butt.

[Editor: Ringo really needs to expand her reading list.]

Friday Ark

September 29, 2006   11 Comments