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They’re Baaaack!

Laura Rozen reports on the return of the Office of Special Plans, version 2, the Iran plan. It’s the same concept: exile groups to supply “evidence” of nefarious plots that advance the plan to attack Iran.

While Iran/Persia did battle the Roman Empire for an extended period, their last major battle involved war elephants and chariots. The decade long war with Iraq had all of the drama of the average dispute between neighbors over a hedge. A lot of people died, but there isn’t going to be a grand movie nor many doctorates awarded over the study of the conflict.

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September 16, 2006   Comments Off on They’re Baaaack!

Life Is Good For Osama

There was a time when Osama was really worried, because it looked like the US really wanted his head and were in hot pursuit, but then life got a lot easier. These days, he makes do with a couple of videos a year and the rest is downtime.

As Billmon points out he has all kinds of people in the West doing his job for him, including the Pope.

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September 16, 2006   4 Comments

Happy Independence Day

Día de la Independencia
Estados Unidos Mexicanos


¡Viva México!

Some background on 16 de Septiembre and El Grito de Dolores.

September 16, 2006   8 Comments