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Where is Count Floyd

Minou of French Tidbits has about had it with banking during the Wars on Nouns.

Cash seizures have led to the absurdity of the US v. $124,700 [PDF]: the assumption by courts that the only reason for large sums of cash is drug dealing.

Patrick at Fire Dog Lake is getting really tired of the national panic attack, which everything comes to a grinding halt because of the discovery of containers of H2O and tubes containing H2O2 and NaHCO3 [as in water bottles and toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda].

[Those who have missed it, check out Count Floyd.]


1 oldwhitelady { 09.06.06 at 8:24 pm }

US v. $124,700
Isn’t that horrible?!? Those people’s life savings were taken and not returned. Now, because of the court verdict, they’re going to have to start all over. I feel for them.

2 Bryan { 09.06.06 at 9:33 pm }

I know all kinds of people who don’t trust banks and who deal with like minded people who don’t trust checks. I have a friend who buys cars for restoration as a hobby and he deals in cash, because most of the people he buys the cars from aren’t going to trust an out of state check.

It’s a rip-off.