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Enough Already

If The Path to 9/11 is a docudrama, then so is Gone with the Wind.

From Wikipedia’s entry on Docudrama:

Docudramas tend to follow a set of following guidelines…

* A strict focus on the facts of the event being treated, as they are known
* A tendency to avoid overt commentary or authorial editorializing
* The use of literary and narrative techniques to flesh out or render story-like the bare facts of an event in history.
* A tendency to eschew such literary techniques as regards the overt assertion of the creator’s own point of view or beliefs.

Docu-fiction, then, is distinct both from the main line of historical fiction, in which the historical setting is a mere backdrop for a plot that could be set in many periods, and from straight documentary or journalistic writing in its creation of a coherent narrative out of the materials of history.

Notice that first item, “A strict focus on the facts”, that means you can’t make it up as you go along.

Lately these people have been channeling “Tailgunner Joe” McCarthy through a Harry Turtledove filter to warp the Munich Agreement and the Civil War to attack the two-thirds of American voters who think the Shrubbery has seriously screwed up in his half-hearted attempt at playing President.

I’m sick of it. Goldwater-Johnson was the first election that I was able to vote in, so I have seen this for myself. I’m not interested in people trying to lie to me about what happened during the Clinton years. I remember the Republicans in Congress screaming Wag the Dog every time Clinton attempted to do anything.

I remember Cheney and Rumsfeld from the Nixon years forward. They haven’t changed from the sleazy, backstabbing opportunists they were back then. Everyone thinks that their atrocities are new and unique, well Joe MacCarthy “swiftboated” his opponent in the Republican primary, Robert M. La Follette, Jr., in 1946, picturing him as a draft dodger in World War II. That has probably been going on since at least the Peloponnesian War.

Let’s just agree that everyone associated with the Shrubbery lies, because the truth of what they have done is not going to make anyone a happy voter.


1 Karen { 09.07.06 at 7:39 am }

That’s the problem with these folks…FACTs!

They don’t like em…are not true to them, dispute them, and make them UP.

Paul Krugman said it well when he explained that he *thought* becoming an economist would mean that there would be debates on the meaning of the Facts, welcome debates on policies and goals…and what he’s seen is FIGHT over the very FACTs themselves with these folks…as if there were no objective measures of anything…but merely points to be scored by adhering to a position IN SPITE of the actual FACTs.


2 Bryan { 09.07.06 at 8:53 am }

They don’t take a position based on facts, they stake out a position and then look for “facts” to support it. If they can find any real facts, they create their own.

3 jamsodonnell { 09.07.06 at 1:09 pm }

Hmm I think that is showing here in the next few days. I will pass on it. Thanks for the warning!

4 Bryan { 09.07.06 at 1:21 pm }

Disney and the Beeb have a cross marketing agreement, so I’m sure you’ll get it on your side of the pond, which is a shame because you usually have better programs than we do, especially sitcoms.