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They Can’t Tell The Truth

Professor Cole caught the Shrubbery again lying about Abu Zubayda.

Abu Zubayda was another al Qaeda #2 captured early on by the Pakistanis, except it turns out he has multiple personality disorder, and acted as a travel agent for low-level people.

He was shot up when captured and the US personnel denied him pain medication until he told them all than he knew, none of which was especially helpful. He was the source of the information that resulted in Jose Padilla being arrested for a plot to destroy Chicago with a “dirty bomb” has been downgraded to something in the range of loitering with intent to jaywalk, if the judge doesn’t toss that charge too.

You can’t trust anything these people say or write.


1 John B. { 09.08.06 at 6:42 am }

What is left to be said about a president who proudly confesses he has known about “black ops” detention centers even as he orders some detainees transferred for domestic political reasons? This means he had actual knowledge prisoners were being tortured and did nothing. This means his previous evasions and denials were blatant lies, not th product of mere ignorance. This means he is undercutting his own rationale for keeping them there, rather than incarcerated according to the Geneva Conventions. This means he, Bush, even has betrayed his own low-life counter-parts in those other nations where black ops were conducted on condition of ‘plausible deniability’ by foreign leaders.

This means, in a word, Bush has confessed to committing war crimes.

On humanitarian terms… on the basis of international law…. on moral grounds… even by his own despicable amoral measures, Bush is an abject failure and a war criminal to boot. If there is any justice, he will wind up his days in shackles after being convicted of crimes against humanity before the International Court of Justice.

2 Bryan { 09.08.06 at 11:27 am }

He has cost people in other countries their jobs, at a minimum, and made them targets of their political enemies and their countries targets of terrorists. He has also, again, revealed classified information for partisan political purposes.