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The Big Chill with the Big Dog

I didn’t want to get into this because it really was a totally irrelevant event. Yes, it would be nice to have a chat with Bill Clinton, but he’s a former President and is no longer the leader of the Democratic Party, and isn’t really going to be much of a factor in the coming election or the US government.

My reading of the event was that Peter Daou [no link because I don’t read him] has taken a position with Hillary Clinton’s political organization and was looking to generate some positive moment for Hillary in blogtopia™ [skippy the bush kangaroo].

People got upset because all of the faces in the photo op were white. Hell, the people in that picture were able to get to New York City for an afternoon meeting during the week, which means they are well off and, if they are working, have flexible work hours.

There is almost no diversity in age, income, education level, life experience, or any other meaningful metric. These were a group of former Yuppies, who are now middle-aged urban professionals. They probably belong to the ACLU and maybe a gym, but I doubt you would find a union or Grange card in the room.

But that doesn’t matter, because the meeting was irrelevant. Nothing is going to happen as a result of that meeting because it was a meet-and-greet for Hillary’s campaign for President.

Anntichrist S. Coulter’s New Orleans mercy mission, Riggsveda’s Red Cross work after Katrina, or Scout Prime of First Draft continuing coverage are all more meaningful for me than someone who has the time and money to drive across the country to get involved in a political campaign. As far as promoting liberalism as a viable political concept worth voting for, the first three are vastly more important than the last. And all are more important than having lunch with Bill Clinton.

If I had been sent an invitation I wouldn’t have gone, because I wouldn’t spend over $1,000 for transportation that could have gone to a local candidate, and if I had gone, my neighbor would have had to wait to get bailed out of jail [but that’s another story].