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2006 October 03 — Why Now?
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It’s All About Power

The average American worker has 50 5-day workweeks, 250 workdays a year. This latest session of Congress didn’t even make it into triple digits. It spite of this, the American people would have been better off if they had spent even less time in Washington.

As Steve notes, before the media switched to 24/7 coverage of political pedophilia, there were new laws being passed that were blatantly unconstitutional.

The Bill of Rights had already been abridged by USA PATRIOT Act 2.0, with its requirements that people provide records to the government in secret based solely on the discretion of the Justice Department and other outrages.

Before leaving the House found time to pass the Public Expression of Religion Act, which basically says that if a government decides to promote religion, anyone who sues to stop the practice cannot be awarded attorney’s fees when they win. So much for the prohibition against the government establishing a religion.

Finally there was the passage of the Military Commissions Act, which does its very best to emulate the government practices of Josef Stalin, with the minor difference that Stalin never pretended that what he was doing was legal, only that it was “necessary”.

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October 3, 2006   7 Comments