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2006 October 18 — Why Now?
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Looney Tunes

Nasa patch

When NASA created this patch for its Mars mission, I thought is was a cute cultural reference, but I was warned that the Shrubbery was about to go “Daffy.”

Back in 1967 we signed The Outer Space Treaty that made the militarization of space a big no-no. Space was to be used for peaceful purposes, not an alternate arena for war.

Via Shakespeare’s Sister I have found out that the Shrubbery has unilaterally decided that he can ignore that treaty.

According to the BBC article, US adopts tough new space policy, he authorized this change in August, but the policy was not released until now.

No consultation with anyone, he just did it.

October 18, 2006   4 Comments

Hobbits In Kansas?

Normally I would ignore this sort of thing, but Watertiger, Norbizness, and Clif are all reporting that a guy named “Sanitarium”, or something close, who thinks he is a US Senator from Pennsylvania, is claiming that a couple of “Hobbits” are on their way to the middle of US to have a ring re-sized or repaired.

This “Sanitarium” guy seems to think that while NSA is tied up watching terrorists in the Middle East, the real threat is in the US, something like that.

It’s a confused story from a confused man, who has read too many fantasy novels. Next they’ll be telling us that an old money Connecticut Yankee decided to run as a Republican by sounding like LBJ and buying the same breed of dog as FDR.

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Just So You Know

[I’ve moved this post up as I’ve added more links.]

Attaturk and I are not alone in being unhappy with this new law:

In blogroll order: Lisa, Kevin Hayden, Mustang Bobby, Flame821, Chicago Dyke, Watertiger, Christy, Scout, Digby, Swopa, Mary, Paul the Spud, Pat Lang, TBogg, Maru, and Steve Bates are also unhappy campers.

Update: Avedon posted a little later, and Charles has a post with a link to Keith Olbermann interviewing Jonathan Turley about the death of the Bill of Rights.

Don’t miss Juan Cole, lettres de cachet and the Borg in the same post.

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