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2006 October 20 — Why Now?
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The Department of Defense [DoD] was created by National Security Act of 1947 by combining the War Department and the Department of the Navy. It was originally called the National Military Establishment [NME], but the name was changed after someone said the initials aloud. Under Rumsfeld and the Shrubbery, it might be a good idea to revert to the original name.

Jillian of skippy the bush kangaroo reported on the The San Diego Union-Tribune story about the food distribution on San Diego county military bases. The story mentioned the families of Marine Lance Corporals and Corporals, which are military pay grades E-3 and E-4 respectively.

I thought I would give you the numbers so you have some real idea of how we pay our military. These numbers are for a Corporal [E-4] with three years of service stationed in Iraq, who has a spouse and two pre-school children.

The Corporal receives the following compensation:
Base Pay: $ 22,111.20
Basic Allowance for Subsistence: 3,267.12
Basic Allowance for Housing: 17,928.00
Family Separation Allowance: 3,000.00
Imminent Danger Pay: 2,700.00
Total Annual Compensation: 49,006.32
Annual Payroll Withholding: 1,691.51
Net Annual Earnings: $ 47,314.81

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Fine Rants

Both Watertiger and Julia have excellent rants today. Don’t miss them.

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Friday Cat Blogging

My Lap Runneth Over

Friday Cat Blogging

You need longer legs.

[Editor: Dot decided to try a new orientation but has to hook a claw in the armrest to keep from sliding off.]

Friday Ark

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