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2006 October 24 — Why Now?
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It’s not just UN Day, it’s Michael at Musing’s musings birthday!

Jim in comments has located the original for Bushcronium: Administratium.

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Billmon regarding the “lumpy junky” and his comments on the Michael J. Fox ad – Expert Testimony:

I don’t know where Limbaugh got the idea that telling scurrilous lies about one of America’s favorite celebrities — and someone who enjoys a huge amount of public sympathy to boot — was a shrewd political move. But the Dems should be damned glad he did. Considering how razor-close the Missouri race appears to be, Rush may have just single-handedly booted away a Republican Senate seat.

Fox isn’t an addict or a criminal and has played roles that endeared him to millions of people. Now he is sick with a debilitating disease and he has been attacked. In the science of politics this is known as a no-no.

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Blog and Browser Business

First off, two non-critical address changes for Fanatical Apathy and James Wolcott. They are non-critical because the old addresses are re-directed to the new sites, but if you change to the new addresses they will load faster:



Now for the browser updates: Both Internet Explorer and Firefox have new versions.

If you are using Windows XP with Service Pack 2, will you get IE 7.0 delivered to you as part of the automatic updates. If you are unsure what version of Windows you have, you can find out by clicking on the Start menu, highlighting Settings, selecting Control Panel, and then clicking on System. The pop-up will display your version information. You need Service Pack 2 to use IE 7.0.

Firefox 2.0 is available here, if you can’t wait any longer.

Steve Bates of Yellow Doggerel Democrat has been watching these releases because he is currently working on a project that has to support the latest browsers, and, as luck would have it, the definition of latest has changed.

Steve links to a Houston Chronicle article that compares the two browsers, but has written his own, more complete, reviews of Firefox 2.0 and IE 7.

October 24, 2006   6 Comments

Strange Bedfellows

Maru at WTF is it now? has a post [scroll up to see it] about Clay Shaw [R-FL-22] running radio ads touting his experience working with the Big Dog.

Apparently Mark Foley’s neighbor in Florida [adjoining districts] and Washington [they live in the same neighborhood] would rather be associated with William Jefferson Clinton than George Walker Bush in the minds of local voters.

[Politics makes strange bedfellows – what did you think I was implying? You people have dirty minds.]

October 24, 2006   2 Comments

United Nations Day

United Nation

Today is the 61st anniversary of the founding of the United Nations.

It would be a good day for someone to explain to the current administration that the purpose of the UN is not to ratify every crazy concept that occurs to the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

October 24, 2006   9 Comments