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2006 October 05 — Why Now?
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My One-liner For The Day

According to the Blight¹, Hastert isn’t being sandbagged, he’s being hit with a sachet².

See Billmon.

1. Bloggers on the Right.

2. Yes, it’s cheap stereotyping, but I’m an old guy and we get to make tasteless jokes.

October 5, 2006   6 Comments

Register To Vote

If you are a resident of Florida, time is running out to register to vote in the November election. You can’t put it off or you will be turned away at the polls.

If you haven’t voted in recent elections you should check to ensure you are still on the rolls; people who don’t vote get removed and have to re-register.

I don’t care what party you support. I want you registered, and I want you to vote, so I can harass the hell out of you if I think you voted for the wrong people and policies. Even if you think everything is running beautifully, you have to register and vote, because someone is always trying to make changes.

Don’t think about, do it.

October 5, 2006   8 Comments