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2006 October 26 — Why Now?
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Stealth Campaigns

So far the only commercials I’ve seen for governor are attack ads about Jim Davis’s attendance record in Congress.

There have been no real ads about what either candidate is going to, other that Crist saying he’s going to “stay the course” plotted by JEB Bush, and Davis is going in a new direction.

Both are complaining about the cost of property insurance, and the Republicans have to take the blame on this one. Although Davis doesn’t have a detailed plan, it is rather obvious that “stay the course” and “business as usual” aren’t going to cut it in Florida. The insurance situation is a mess and the taxpayers are going to be holding the bag, no matter what’s done. Insurance companies can’t claim they need new increases while they are racking up huge profits.

The big issue would seem to be whether or not Charlie Crist is gay. I have no idea why this would make a difference in how he does his job, and taxpayers will certainly save on not providing all of the benefits that go with a “first lady.” Given the multiple embarrassments caused by the current “first family” and their problems with the laws of Florida and the United States, having a single governor could be viewed as a major plus for the state.

Davis doesn’t seem to be a very exciting guy, but it’s time for a lack of excitement. I don’t think Florida needs any more departments headed by imported fundamentalists, or people tied to major state contractors. I would hope that Davis appoints some people who want to do their job, without all of the incompetence and corruption we’ve seen under Bush.

Update: Both Mustang Bobby and Robert C. have proclaimed the Crist-Davis debate a snooze, about as exciting as a cheese sandwich from a vending machine.

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Blogger Will Be Down

A bit loggy today so I checked Blogger Status and discovered:

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sincere apologies for the short notice but we will take down both blogger.com and blogspot.com at 2 PM PST today to replace the piece of network equipment that was causing the outages in the past couple of weeks. The outage will last 60-90 minutes, we will try to get done as fast as we can. Blogger beta will be not affected nor blogs that are hosted on the beta except for a few static images that we pull from www.blogger.com.

Posted by Pete at 09:38 PDT

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