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2006 October 10 — Why Now?
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The Foley Fallout

The Wikipedia Foley File is continuously updated with the latest on the scandal.

Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL) has known Foley for years in and out of Washington, as he helped her in her run for the House with both money and the assistance of the ubiquitous Kirk Fordham.

She told her local paper, the St. Petersburg Times in a piece, House member marks distance, that Foley may have a lot of problems, but alcohol wasn’t one of them. She calls Foley a “cheap date”, having known him to nurse a single glass of wine the entire evening.

The Washington Post ran a story a couple of days ago, Rep. Kolbe saw Foley messages in 2000, indicating that Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-Ariz.) had talked to Foley back in 2000.

Kolbe indicated today that he hadn’t personally seen the messages, but he forwarded them to the Clerk of the House, Jeff Trandahl, and Foley’s office after his office received a complaint about them from a former page.

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News Flash!

Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert announced in a news conference in a cemetery [I’m not kidding, a cemetery] that he would fire any member of his staff who covered up the Mark Foley affair [or outed Valery Plame or killed OJ’s ex-wife].

Not to be nasty, Denny, but at this point I think your staff has looked at the polls and are already filing for unemployment.

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