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2006 October 04 — Why Now?
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So much has gone on recently, that I thought I would highlight a few of the performances by the governing class:

The ‘Joliet’ Jake Blues Award for Insincere Apologies goes to the disHonorable Mark Foley who just doesn’t want to admit he is a sick puppy who needs to be isolated from anyone who can’t legally drink.
The Saddam Hussein Award for Using Children as Shields goes to Congresscreep Thomas M. Reynolds who surrounded himself with small children to avoid answering question from the press about enabling Mark Foley.
The Captain Louis Renault Award for Manufactured Outrage [First Class – note dress uniform] goes to the Shrubbery, not only for manufacturing outrage but for actually using the word “shocked” in regards to the disHonorable Mark Foley.
Vizzini Award for Language Abuse [Second Class] to Condoleezza Rice for her use of “incomprehensible”, attempting to divert attention from her failure to take any actions after being informed of a likely terrorist threat by the CIA.  She was a contender earlier for the statement: “no one could have imagined hijacked planes being used as weapons,” but it was felt that the award had to be limited to single words. The First Class requires the direct abuse of “inconceivable”.
The Hippo of Hypocrisy is awarded to Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich, who between them have more divorces that some nations and yet feel qualified to have meaningful opinions about morality in sexual relations.
The Stalin Prize for Government Control is awarded to the Republican leaders in Congress whose Military Commissions Act embodies all of the worst elements of the Soviet government under Josef Stalin.

Let’s have a hand, or other appropriate digital display, for the winners.

October 4, 2006   9 Comments

Pedophile Ephebophile

I’ve seen a number of people complain that the word, pedophile, should not be used to describe Mark Foley because the victim was a teenager, and not a pre-pubescent child, the use of the term in the social sciences and psychology.

Update: thanks to the Pensacola Beach Blog we have located the correct term: Ephebophilia.

It might surprise people, but the penal [criminal] law generally breaks the population down to two groups, adult or child, and the age of differentiation is 18. The age of consent is almost always limited to the definition of a specific crime, statutory rape, and not a determining factor in other crimes where the 18 year-old standard is used.

From the stand point of this former member of law enforcement, when one party is legally defined as a child, if you divided the other party’s age by the child’s age and come up with a number greater than 3, you have a pedophile ephebophile. An age difference of more than 4 years is sick, and a ratio between 2 and 3 is perverted, but when you get to three: it’s pedophilia ephebophilia. Foley could be that kid’s grandfather!

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October 4, 2006   10 Comments