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What Do You Call It? — Why Now?
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What Do You Call It?

Cue up the Dixie Chicks.

I agree with Swopa that everything that has been done by these Repulsivecans falls under the heading of a Betrayal of Trust.

Keith Olbermann, in another stellar performance, nails the Shrubbery on his lying. He has been doing yeoman service, but where is the rest of the media.

While Glenn Greenwald wonders if the Foley crimes prove the existence of G-d, I would think that it is a strange god indeed that permits the victimization of teenage boys.

Publius espouses the The White Blood Cells Theory as creating the scope of the disaster, and I can’t fault his reasoning.

Karen also looks at the corruption and sees it as sociopathic.

If you want to know about the Shrubbery read Elmer Gantry. Sinclair Lewis was in touch with the America that all of the Repusivecans claim to love. Learn what it was all about.

I’ve mentioned in a couple of places that because the pages are minors, Congress is acting in loco parentis. Congress didn’t just fail as politicians; they failed as parents. By ignoring the threat that Foley presented, they legally and morally are guilty of allowing “Uncle Mark” to molest “their children.”

I would hope voters realize that it is time to “divorce” these people as there are obviously irreconcilable differences between America and the current Republican Party.


1 jamsodonnell { 10.08.06 at 6:54 am }

Ah Elmer Gantry. I have never read the book but I do love the film.. Elmer Gantry the film and the presidency seem to a circus connection… the former starred a former acrobat, the latter stars a cown!

2 Karen { 10.08.06 at 12:58 pm }

I’m also really beginning to *blame* much of this on the Conservative/Libertarian wing of this GOP party. While the political socio-paths play on the Values/Religious voters – Its also the Libertarians who have sold their souls for the promise of a marriage with these religious conservatives to see their dream of Any Government Regulations pulled up by its roots and burned down on a Free Market Fire. (They may call it *BIG* government…but it’s really ANY Government; Government Regulations v Free Market values; and TAXES they hate).

Tim Sandefur (Positive Liberty) has a post about Libertarians NOT aligning themselves and voting Democratic (except on a favoring “virtues of gridlock” basis). And really standing for the proposition that they ought o hold their true Libertarian Principles instead.

“The most we can hope for is a come-outer movement: a cry to Republicans who are really libertarians to leave the party. The time for that may be ripe. It’s hard to gague the mood of a party. But when I speak to Republican groups (which is often) they are very angry about their party’s embrace of big government. I myself finally left the Republican party on Tuesday, after perhaps 10 years of registering Republican.

Yet most Republican-based libertarians seem reluctant to adopt the name libertarian, and the reason is that America has drifted so far from its libertarian founding principles that it is unreasonable to expect political change from any party at this point, including the embarrassing Libertarian party. Our nation has suffered more than a century of profound anti-market miseducation, and is today suffused with an anti-liberty mindset. Reform can come only after basic work is done in teaching people about the market, property rights, and the principles of individualism…”

But he avoids any real discussion of the issues of HOW those principles HAVE been applied in this Compassionate Conservative climate and been found wanting! Like an adherence to the Laffer Curve despite analyses proving it’s pure CRAP and doesn’t work as a model of markets and tax rates! Plus, Sandefur’s such a weenie that he *closes* his comment section on posts to avoid having to respond to any debate or constructive criticism of his points. (Tells ya something right there about the courage of his convictions!) And I’d be happy to have the Libertarians stand on their own Two-Political feet and TRY to build a majority concensus around their REAL VALUES than suck-up to socio-paths on the religious right – who are also busy trying tear down our Governement and Torch our Constitution and re-write it into a biblical document!

3 Bryan { 10.08.06 at 11:46 pm }

Jams, the movie is a pretty faithful adaptation of the book.

Karen, I will never understand why libertarians vote Republican. There is nothing in the voting record or policies of Republicans that indicate any willingness to actually shrink the government or control spending, and they definitely intrude more than Democrats into personal decisions. They need to get a clue: it’s what Republicans do, not what they say that matters.