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John McCain Lied — Why Now?
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John McCain Lied

When John McCain claims that the problems with North Korea are Clinton’s fault, it isn’t political hyperbole, it isn’t a misunderstanding, it’s a lie.

Unlike the Shrubbery, Clinton briefed Congress. As a retired Naval Captain, McCain had access to briefings that other members of Congress never get. McCain has the experience and clearances to know exactly what happened, so he is lying now.

McCain would have been briefed on everything in Fred Kaplan’s 2004 Washington Monthly article, Rolling Blunder, [Via Digby], so he, of all people, can’t claim he didn’t know.

Senator, look at Katherine Harris. Look at what they have done to her. I don’t care what they promised you, they don’t keep their promises. Their loyalty is all one way. Stop lying, that’s not what they taught you at Annapolis.

Update: Steve Bates and Josh Marshall both riff on this chord.


1 Steve Bates { 10.11.06 at 9:35 pm }

Compared to my rant, your restrained statement is admirable, Bryan.

McCain, once an honorable man, is now a premeditated liar. Now he must balance his lust for power against his desire to sleep well, to look at himself calmly in the mirror, etc. I wonder which will win out.

2 Bryan { 10.11.06 at 9:54 pm }

He has one son at Annapolis and another joining the Marines, how can he support these criminals?

Remember I didn’t post my first reactions. They were very direct and very personal because the man was career military, from a career military family. There are standards of honor that are expected of the professional military, and he has failed to comply.