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My Choices

So far I’ve decided, for a lot of reasons, that I’ll be voting for Jim Davis for governor, Skip Campbell for Attorney General, Alex Sink for Chief Financial Officer, Charley Bronson for Agriculture Commissioner and Joe Roberts for Congress.

There are a couple of local races I’m not sure about, and one race in which I’m abstaining.

I still haven’t received much campaign literature, and don’t watch television, so it has been a very quiet election cycle.


1 Steve Bates { 10.20.06 at 12:59 am }

I wish there were more to inspire me in the Texas elections. With no real regrets other than the futility of doing so, I’ll check the “D” box and be done with it (except for a few city propositions, on some of which I’m still making up my mind).

Enough Democrats are voting for Kinky Friedman that Rick Perry, for all his repeatedly demonstrated incompetence at the job (frustrating even to his own party), is pretty well assured of a return to the Governor’s mansion, Grandma, incredibly, comes in second in some polls, or was doing so the last time I looked. Kinky is such a social conservative that it’s hard for me to understand why any Democrat would vote for him, especially any Democratic woman. Chris Bell is a good man and was a competent and well-intended U.S. Representative until DeLay redistricted him out of a job, but he is such a drab speaker that he attracts little attention as a candidate for governor.

Of course, with our wonderful eSlate systems, I’m not sure my vote makes any difference anyway. I plan to vote early (but not often) and get it out of the way. I’ve seldom experienced such a distaste for casting my ballot as I have this year.

2 Karen { 10.20.06 at 12:23 pm }

Can’t help ya on these local election issues – and i still have to do more research on the local folks for other offices than Congress. However, I am tempted to NEVER, EVER for for another Rethuglican for office…EVER! So that might make my decisions much easier.


3 Bryan { 10.20.06 at 12:36 pm }

Well, Charley Bronson is a registered Republican, but he just does his job. He has been effective and scandal-free, which is remarkable for a Florida government department.