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They Don’t Get No Respect

Dr. Cole wonders why Mulla Omar is still able to threaten US and allied troops in Afghanistan. He was supposed to have been part of the package when we went after Osama.

Osama is now making personal appearances in Republican campaign commercials reminding people that 1862 days after the Shrubbery said he would get him “dead or alive”, Osama still has a thriving career in the video market.

[Update: Keith Olbermann has a special comment on the Republican TV ad.]

People might have thought that having harbored al Qaeda, Afghanistan would have been on the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, but you can’t get on the list unless the US recognizes the government, and the US never gave official recognition to the Taliban government.

Okay, so the Taliban must be on the State Department list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations? Not a chance. That’s for the ruling party of the Palestinian Authority, and Lebanese political parties, not for armed groups actively at war with US troops.

You might think that this whole War on Terror™ is FUBAR…and you would be right.