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The Signs Of Stalinism

Robert C. of Interstate 4 Jamming wonders: Have Public Officials Gotten A Huge Case Of The Stupids Lately?

Yes, they have. It is a well know facet of Stalinism, that the ruling elite don’t feel constrained by mere laws.

When Education Secretary Rod Paige calls the National Education Association a “terrorist organization” and Representative Peter King (R-NY) calls AARP and the NAACP “radical organizations”, it is an extension of the Stalinist policy of attacking dissidents. When you fail to follow the Party line, you have to be minimized because you are an “enemy of the people.”

Glenn Greenwald of Unclaimed Territory complains about Monday morning quarterbacks among the pundits.

Glenn, when you are a pundit, you have to be ready to airbrush the losers from the pictures when the winds change. Punditry is predicated on short attention spans and bad memories. You only have to keep up the pretense until the “history” is adjusted to prove you have always been right. The Shrubbery may be gone in two years, but the Party is eternal.

Glenn is also concerned about networks refusing to accept ads that “disparage” the Shrubbery. Self-censorship is one of the most powerful tools of the propaganda machine. When you control the news long enough, you find that people censor themselves and the “correct message” is always presented.