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Give Joe Roberts A Chance

The Pensacola Beach Blog has a piece on the Pensacola News Journal article comparing the two candidates for the First District Congressional race.

As I said in comments: Jeff Miller is running as a “Republican” because that’s his total claim on the office.

He hasn’t done anything on his own; he hasn’t pushed anything; he’s not an expert on anything.

He’s wrong on Veterans’ issues; wrong on oil drilling; wrong on disaster preparedness.

Where was he after Katrina, because that sucker could have swung into the Florida Panhandle and we could look like the Mississippi coast?

He is a Republican vote, not a vote for the First District of Florida.

Joe Roberts would be new to Congress, but it looks like he would be in the majority caucus and might get a chance to do something. It’s about time we had a Congresscritter that represented us, not the Republican Party.


1 Scorpio { 10.31.06 at 6:20 pm }

Yeah, I feel the same way about the senators from Kansas. They are Bush foot mats, useless as “representatives” since all they represent is every wingnut idea to come down the pike.

2 Bryan { 10.31.06 at 7:20 pm }

It is really frustrating when people vote for someone who won’t vote for them. We have watched Miller vote against our area. His vote wouldn’t have changed the result, but it would have indicated that he had thought about our issues and represented us.

I have to say you have two of the most “unusual” senators in the nation, and this has to be an all time bottom feeding class of people in the current Senate. At least they have entertainment value, Miller is just dull.

3 andante { 11.01.06 at 4:52 pm }

Reminds me of our local county sheriff’s race between the Republican-party supported candidate and a Republican running as unaffiliated.

The two had an opportunity to plug themselves on the local news. The ‘unaffiliated’ candidate had a laundry list of programs and reforms he wanted to undertake. The Republican Party supported candidate? He simply said “I’m a REPUBLICAN. I have 28 years experience in law enforcement. And I’m a REPUBLICAN”.

It used to be a magic word in these parts, but the ‘unaffiliated’ candidate is lookin’ good.

4 Bryan { 11.01.06 at 5:22 pm }

It’s past time for some people who want to do something in office other than run for office and pick up their paycheck.