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2008 January 01 — Why Now?
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The Bhutto Hit

Laura Rozen notes that people are starting to figure out that there were multiple assassins in this hit. They still haven’t noticed that the actual shots that killed her were probably fired from the top of a building in the area while the gun wielder and bomb carrier were down on the ground. An autopsy would be crucial in proving what I believe to be the case, so I’m working from standard practice for political hits.

First off, you don’t need any special, insider information or assistance for a hit like this. The rally was announced well in advance, so there was plenty of time to get into position. There was plenty of security at the rally itself, and few avenues of escape, but Ms Bhutto had a habit of standing up through the sun roof of the Land Rover to wave to her supporters, and she always wore a white scarf which provides an excellent target.

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I believe that nothing is truly gone until the last person forgets it. As long as someone remembers, it still exists in the present. This holds for things, but especially for people.

While a number of people have mentioned the passing of Steve Gilliard last year, and rightfully so, another early pioneer and great writer was lost at too young an age, Jim Capozzola of The Rittenhouse Review. Susie Madrak wrote a nice remembrance of her friend and fellow Philadelphian last summer, when he died from a lack of health insurance at a critical moment in his illness, another victim of the lack of universal health care in the US.

While Steve attacked head-on, Jim was more cut-and-thrust, dissecting and exposing fraud with a touch of humor. Both are missed but neither is forgotten.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

С Новым годом
Prosit Neujahr
Feliz Año Nuevo
Bonne Année
Felice Anno Nuovo
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar
Sehe Bokmanee Bateuseyo
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

May you be safe from the idiots who think gravity is just a theory and fire off guns, failing to understand that what goes up will come down.

Given the prevalence of accurate timekeeping devices, it is amazing that the explosions that are supposed to signal the new year extend for a four hour period beginning before and extending well after the actual event. Anyone who thinks alcohol and gunpowder is a recipe for a long life should be avoided by insurance agents.

While some of the scum has been skimmed off our political swamp, the opportunity for real improvements in government remains murky. The fact that political reporting has moved to the sports page now that sports is covered by the police and entertainment reporters, makes for a total lack of clarity. I’m tired of the horse racing, baseball, and football metaphors, it’s time to invoke curling. sumo, and caber tossing

We can, as always, hope that those with power will finally start using it to improve the opportunities for those actually qualified to vote in elections, rather than those able to pay for campaigns.

The new year brings new opportunities, so here’s hoping that the good wins out and the world is made a little better.

Hmm…it just occurred to me that the United States, specifically on the western Aleutian Islands of Alaska, is the last country on the planet to make it into a new year.

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