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2008 January 21 — Why Now?
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In Other News

Rook asks the burning question: Which came first, the chicken or the road?

It makes as much sense as the political talking heads.

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The Whole Truth

I wasn’t going to wade into this swamp, but then I heard an Obama commercial¹ that starts out “…after college and law school…” and then talks about his activism in Chicago.

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. graduated from Columbia University in 1983 and started the Harvard law school in 1988. I get suspicious when people don’t acknowledge a five-year chunk of their lives.

“…Barack Obama’s first job after graduating from Columbia University was with the company [Business International Corporation]. He held a position as editor in its international financial information division.”

There’s nothing illegal or immoral about working for a corporation in New York’s financial district during the Reagan years, but it might color your perception of the period.

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Conventional Wisdom

So, I caught a few minutes of CNN at my Mother’s today and learned that Obama won 80% of the black vote in Nevada, possibly as many as 7,000 votes [based on the 7.9% of Nevada’s population that is black, and the voter turn out], and that that is a major problem for Clinton.

Bill Clinton is becoming rabid in his attacks on Obama, and Ted Kennedy and Raum Emmanuel have reportedly had to intervene, and George H.W. Bush wasn’t mean to John McCain, when McCain ran against the Shrubbery.

Obama, Clinton, and some white guy are in South Carolina for a debate, but the other white guys weren’t invited because this is a race between Obama and Clinton.

The Republican voters don’t seem to understand that this is a race between John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. They keep voting for other white guys who won’t go away and keep winning John and Rudy’s delegates.

The media better hope for no clear winners in either party before the conventions, because, given the ham-handed way the media conglomerates are dealing with the writers’ strike, the conventions may be the only original television available for a very long time and they don’t have to pay residuals.

January 21, 2008   13 Comments