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2008 January 12 — Why Now?
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Dear Sir Or Madam

In response to all of your pointed suggestions I have decided that you can take your opinions and fashion them into a suppository. That will allow them to return the same way they came.

When Logan Murphy of Crooks and Liars says that the Corporate Elite Still Terrified Of John Edwards, she isn’t just talking about the multinational corporations, it is just as applicable to the media, another group of corporations.

Paul Kiel of TPM Muckraker notes the $60 million “Swift Boat Fund” of the US Chamber of Commerce in Populists Beware. The corporate world doesn’t want a President or Congress that will stop corporate welfare through subsidies and tax exemptions, nor anyone who considers the well being of the people of the nation over the profits of the multinationals. Mustn’t have any of that, nor any regulation that will halt the worst of the abuses. It should be noted that it is the Chamber’s opinion that illegal acts committed by corporations at the request of an out-of-control government should not be penalized.

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January 12, 2008   18 Comments

More Problems

The recent changes enacted by the Postal Service weren’t simply an increase in the price of stamps. There were other changes in the package that is shifting costs from large corporations to the people at the bottom. Many of you have heard of the large increases for small periodicals as compared to the big guys, but there are also changes that affect the individual.

A big change is that almost anything that isn’t a standard #10 envelope is going to cost you more to mail. Sinfonian at Blast Off! has a prime example of this: absentee ballots. The Palm Beach county absentee ballot will cost 91¢ to mail back, not a single first class stamp, because it is not a standard sized envelope.

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January 12, 2008   5 Comments