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2008 January 09 — Why Now?
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Enough Already

It’s bad enough when the media pulls this crap, but why are supposedly liberal and/or progressive bloggers picking up on it and repeating it. When you read of an attack by one Democrat on another, don’t just print it. You have to verify what was actually said because the media lies about Democrats, and has done for decades. Go read Bob Somerby’s archives at the Daily Howler on the media treatment of Al Gore in the 2000 campaign.

“Hillary cries” is the 2008 version of “Howard screams”. They spin words and pull them out of context and slap them inside of quotes, and people get sucked in. What does it take to convince people that if they weren’t standing there, or don’t have access to raw video footage, it is not just possible, but probable, that the media is distorting it to fit in its “narrative”. They present answers but cut off the question. They neglect to use ellipses to indicate editing. They lie, OK, they lie.

It is not just Fox, they all do it. If reporters don’t do it, their editors will.

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January 9, 2008   10 Comments

A Mere Scratch…

Now even CBS is saying the word in their business section: Goldman Sachs: Brace For Recession In 2008.

Let’s see, it will technically be a recession™, but not to worry, because it won’t last long, probably be gone by 2009, so no worries. OK, so maybe the Federal Reserve will have to half the funds rate, and mortgage lending is in meltdown, and consumers can’t afford to consume, and businesses will stop making what they consumed, and people will lose their jobs, but it’s not so bad.

That’s right, short lived, like an earthquake, tornado, or tsunami – how bad can it be? If I had the income and tax rate of the guy who wrote the report for Goldman Sachs, not too bad at all, as I could probably get a great deal on a new house [or subdivision] almost anywhere I wanted to live at a foreclosure or tax sale, possibly a yard sale before things settle down. There will be a whole new meaning to “garage sale” – it will come with a house attached.

January 9, 2008   2 Comments

New Hampshire

My predictions were: Clinton, Obama, Edwards for the Dems, and McCain, Huckabee, Romney for the Reps.

The second and third place finishes for the Reps were swapped in the in the final result.

The turn out was decent, in excess of 50%, and secret ballots really mess up the talking heads.

So, now that 2% of the voters have spoken, we still don’t know anything.

The results of the truly important vote in New Hampshire won’t be reported until later today.

[Update: Marty is the new Mount Washington Topcat with 53% of the vote, avoiding a run-off.]

January 9, 2008   12 Comments