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2008 January 26 — Why Now?
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The Latest Hillary Attack

This seems to come mainly from Obama supporters, but there are others, attacking Hillary for asking that delegates from Michigan and Florida be seated at the Democratic convention.

– Hillary shouldn’t do it, it’s not according to the rules everyone agreed to, and we have to protect the primary businesses in Iowa and New Hampshire, etc. ad nauseum

First off, Florida and Michigan are not the same situation.

The governor of Michigan is a Democrat; the Michigan lower house is controlled by the Democrats, and the upper house is controlled by the Republicans. Either party in Michigan could have stopped the law that changed their primary date. Both parties agreed to the change.

In Florida, the governor is a Republican, and both houses are controlled by Republicans. The Democrats had no power to stop what the Republicans did. The Democratic National Committee is punishing, disenfranchising, Democratic voters in the state of Florida, for an action of the Florida Republican Party. The Florida Democratic Party doesn’t have the resources to schedule a separate election, and I’m not even sure such an attempt would be considered legal.

Michigan was a fair cop, they did it knowing the likely result, but Florida Democrats didn’t have a choice.

Democratic Floridians should limit their donations to individual candidates. The Democratic National Committee should come to grips with the reality: if they don’t want our votes to count, don’t count on our money.

January 26, 2008   7 Comments

Things Political

The same day Rudy was on demonstrating for all and sundry that he has never understood the American economic system, the towheaded misogynist had Pat Buchanan on, and, as Bast is my witness, Pat said something that made a lot of sense.

Everyone was talking about Bill Clinton attacking Obama as a surrogate for Hillary, when Pat chimed in say say they were wrong. Bill was reacting to what Barack had said about his administration, and it had nothing to do with Hillary.

Think about it. Bill Clinton is not exactly a shy and retiring person when it comes to his years in the White House. What Obama was saying, from Bill’s perspective, was that everything that Bill had accomplished was the result of Republican ideas.

I don’t think that Bill is going to let up on Obama. I think he is seriously ticked off about being dissed by Obama. Ol’ Bill did a number of things that I’m not happy about, but he was in charge of country during his eight years, even during the worst of the Republican/media mudslinging. He got things done, including balancing the budget, reducing the size of government, making agencies like FEMA effective, and encouraging the economy, that make those of us who were aware of the world want to see a return to those days [but without the NAFTA crap].

January 26, 2008   Comments Off on Things Political

Conventional Wisdom?

Sinfonian notes says that Florida’s senators predictably endorse front-runners indicating that Bill NelsonClinton and Mel MartinezMcCain, just like the New York Times, but I was slightly surprised that Bill didn’t endorse Obama like his “twin”, Ben from Nebraska. The Nelsons are almost as reliable as Joe LIEberman when the Republicans need votes.

Sinfonian vowed to find someone to oppose our supposed Democratic Senator when he runs again simply because Bill Nelson hates the Constitution. I told Nelson to kiss my grits before his last election in 2006 and left the line for Senator blank on my ballot. I’m now free to complain about him with a clear conscience.

To be totally honest, I wouldn’t have been surprised if both my Senators endorsed John McCain.

January 26, 2008   2 Comments

Happy Australia Day

Royal Australian Air Force Ensign

Royal Australian Air Force

Do not go drinking with those who fly this flag.

January 26, 2008   13 Comments